Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

C'mon Baby Light My Fire

I have a pair of wonderful tablelamps signed by David Guéron "Degué"...

This master glassmaker produced high quality pieces for art deco lighting, same era as Muller,Daum, Schneider,etc.  Guéron of Turkish Jewish origin came to France as young man to join the foreign legion. Around the time of the 'art decorative' exhibit in Paris 1925 he was inspired to set up his own company which was established in 1926 under the name of  'Verrerie d'Art Degué'. In 1928 the succesful artist and ceramist Gazaux became the artistic director. Degué had its factory in Compiegne and two stores in Paris (boulevard Maleherbes and 41 rue de Paris). They became well known for their high quality glasses. Production stopped in 1936 and the company finaly closed down in 1939. David Guéron vanished from the earth. Already master in disguise , for his glass production many signature were used like Degué Rethondes Ros or Negra, once more he created a smoke screen this time to stay out of the hands of Nazi Germany. No traces of Guéron nor his assets can be found. There is a story he has been seen once strolling the streets of Paris in 1949...a rumour that can not be confirmed.

By surprise I found a ceiling lamp with the same pattern, unfortunately it was sold  :(


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