Freitag, 18. Januar 2013


Nicht alle Poster, die ich so auf die Schnelle von Burkhard Mangold gefunden habe, haben das mich elektrisierende Jugendstilhafte... aber diese hier dafür voll und ganz...
Hotel Bären in Basel, Grosser concertgarten

Weekly concert in the garden of the "Bears Hôtel" in Basel. A beautiful Art nouveau poster by Burkhard Mangold, the Grand Father of the Basel school. He was a painter, glass etcher, illustrator and poster designer. Many of his posters are directly influenced by his work on glass, the Classic Art and the middle ages culture together with the Art Nouveau and the Secession avant-garded. This unique style make him as one of most important Swiss poster artist of the beginning of the XXth century. A museum piece finely printed in stone-lithography, with the Harp enhanced with gold color, still in excellent condition, rare and highly collectable

Ist von 1910, 68 x 105 cm, gedruckt bei Wassermann, ja wo denn, in Baasel.

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