Montag, 30. Januar 2012

Weil's so schön ist: THE COMET

Er ist noch zu haben... glaub 39 plus n paar schöne Nullen... (bei Moderism Gallery)

The ultimate art deco bronze! This is Maurice Guiraud-Riviere’s (1881 – 1947) silvered bronze “The Comet”. As the lady streaks earthward over stylized clouds, her hair forms a fan of deco flame. The bronze is signed “Guiraud-Riviere” and “Etling, Paris” and measures 20” high and 24” long. This sculpture is pictured in Catley\s Art Deco and Other Figures, Duncan’s Encyclopedia of Art Deco and Gallagher’s Christie’s Art Deco.

French Art Deco Bronze Sculpture THE COMET by Guiraud-Riviere

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