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Development of Architectural Art Art Deco

art deco building 261x300 Development of Architectural Art Art Deco
Art Deco Building
Renewal of the world after World War I. Both were destroyed by rapid technological progress, started in the field of architecture to change and new style.
Early 20th Century is a special time for Western people. In this century, also known as the modern era of the machine, the spread of industrialization and updates on various aspects of life. Even after the First World War ended, to build a new world spirit, “conducted an intensive destruction caused by war.
The field of architecture not escape from the update. Architects in various European countries tried to understand in this century with the work, which is itself from its past. Supported by advances in technology and industry, they explore a variety of new models by no longer referring to the form is rooted in the classical Greco-Roman forms were added to determine the orientation of the centuries.
The concept of early Art Deco
France is one country that innovation in architecture and art increases. Looking for a new style of movement that are distributed in several European countries, gathered in an international exhibition. Diselenggarakanlah Paris Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes of International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts for six months. The exhibition was followed by some European and modern art and architecture that reflects the progress of industry.
In subsequent years, this exhibition proved in the development of the world’s most influential architecture and art. Not only in Europe but also in several other parts of the world, including America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and in Indonesia during the era of Dutch colonial rule. The name of the exhibition in Paris in 1925, was born historian Bevis Hillier is the term Art Deco was in 1968 in describing the modern design from the early 20th Abal their influence is global, “know that this is used as a modernist isitlah, Modern, Modern Style, or unknown.
Nouveau vs. Art Deco
Thus, the sole effect shall, in the Art Deco architecture is difficult.Many factors affect the all-time “live” in the First World War (1914-1918) and the Second World War (1939-1945). Some have views of the dynamics of the Art Deco architecture was thrown.
They argue that Art Deco is the eclectic style. Style of mixing different styles in one building. There were also conflicting opinions, is the continuation of this type of Nouveau and Art Deco today as a reaction to Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau is a style of abstract form breaks in the form of a plastic plant in an effort to influence the shape of a classic. But it also believes that the similarities between Art Nouveau and Art Deco, who holds both the architectural decoration.
Some of them saw this as an image of Art Deco, a versatile and decorative, attractive, as in 1920 against the Art Deco. This period is known as the period covered. Showed in 1930 the Art Deco expression of new forms or types of efficient time period.But this does not mean that all forms of Art Deco efficient in 1930.Expression of buildings such as 1920 can still be found.
Art Deco 1920
Art Deco was coined in 1920 to form a striped, curved, zigzag, or terrace. Although the geometric ornaments build industrial machines and precision-tempo old art of different cultures, like the Aztec culture, decorated, Maya, India, Africa, and Egypt inspired.The presence of ancient art in the Art Deco was supported by the growing openness of communication and transport between regions in the world. public enthusiasm for the Western world against the culture of other nations are also increasing. In addition, in 1922, the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt by the British archaeologist Howard Carter. Keindahaan shapes, symbols, and colors are very large, even if the Western world, to inspire people to escape from the influence of classical culture.Although the material in an expression of Art Deco, including teracota or finishing materials are used, a glass of expression, such as stainless steel, aluminum, glass and chrome.
Examples of Art Deco architecture, this year the world famous Chrysler Building in New York City. This building shows the use of materials and the use of an impressive gloss of non-traditional decorations outside.
This top floor and staircase made of steel, an abstract of a car grill. At the corners of the building the statue’s head hawk. While the facade Preanger hotel in Bandung, Indonesia, is one example-profile-line Art Deco decor, arts and crafts ancient art of adaptation is not.
Streamline Period
Art Deco Facade 300x259 Development of Architectural Art Art Deco
Art Deco Facade
Art Deco in 1930, during the shape efficiently. This form is born as a superposition of different things. Examples include the Great Depression, the Wall Street crash in 1929, the influence of efficiency. Simultaneously, the transport sector grew by an aerodynamic shape. See Art-Deco style in this period is relatively simple. The building has an aerodynamic shape, efficient and inspired by the forms of transport aircraft ships, boats and cars.
Examples include building the Hoover factory in London. Both buildings have bent corners of the building and decoration of buildings that are simple, such as horizontal lines visible on the exterior walls of buildings.
In Indonesia, especially in Bandung, aerodynamic look of Art Deco look at the Dutch colonial buildings, formerly the House Denis, Hotel Savoy Homan, and Villa Isola known. While examples of Art Deco buildings built in the 1930s, but still a strong position and Pinstripes Dailiy Telegraph Building in the town of Napier, New Zealand and Rothmans building. Unique design of this building combines art deco Art Deco. On building facades can be said floralnya decoration in Art Nouveau roots. While the symbol of optimism in an era of modern Western society in the form of Art Deco mentioned by the action of sunlight on the phone, the surrounding area painted arched entrance.
Whereas in the tropical Art Deco Miami Beach, Florida, this area is a new destination in the United States has been known in the 1930s as Tropical Art Deco. Pastel colors are building one of the uniqueness of the tropical Art Deco in Miami Beach, Florida.
Dynamics of Art Deco was stopped when the Second World War.This does not mean disappearing traces of Art Deco and forgotten. Art Deco to give influence on the development of architectural styles in the near future. ornamental motifs of modern architecture Post, which began to grow around the year 1965 is to inspire. Until now, the remnants of a variety of Art Deco architecture in various parts of the world is still awake.

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