Montag, 30. Januar 2012


So, jetzt hab ich wenigstens den alternativen englischen Ausdruck als Alternative zu "skyscraper" gefunden: Und es ist MEIN Traumleuchter. This This Atelier Petitot chandelier features five bowls in satin glass with raised “chipped ice” vertical bands and a four stepped center also of the same glass. The body of the fixture is of bright nickel with a stepped ceiling cap and radiating arms which mimic the Chrysler Building. The fixture drops 37” from the ceiling and is 29” in diameter.
Petitot Five Shade “Chipped Ice” Chandelier

Siehste!! Und hier vom selben Anbieter dann eine dolle Lampe, mit den selben Flügeln, hier dann korrekt als Skyscraper und Chrysler Building bezeichnet... jeah! This French art deco chandelier has it all! Five opalescent glass bowls and a stepped opalescent center bowl. Support arms resembling the Chrysler building and opalescent glass rods along the main body of the chandelier. Dropping 37" from the ceiling and measuring 30" in diameter, this French 1930's lighting fixture is re-nickel plated, rewired and ready to hang!

Opalescent Rods Chandelier

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