Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

Just A Sculpture Or Two

My little Mermaids...

Mermaid plaster giant sculpture pair. From a steamship deco ???
Incredible plaster sculpture pair. Open on the top of the head to be use as lamp ? or plant holder ?
Obvisously very old. I would say 1930/1940.
These sculptures were bought in a familly estate in Marseille where they were said to be from Mermoz steam Ship. I am not so sure about this hypothesis as I would say these sculptures are older. (Mermoz ship was 1950's).
I found a french sculptor who did several similar sculptures including one of them that was displayed in Normandie boat in 1935. This sculptor is
Carlo Sarrabezolles.
Not sure that this artist is the sculptor of these mermaids but there is no doubt that in the 1930's and 1940's, in France many shipping companies decorated their building and ships with such symbolic sculptures.
More over the fastening marks around the necks of the Mermaid show these sculpture were displayed in a public space. For a private use, a more discrete system would have been found !

Mermaid plaster giant sculpture pair. From a steamship deco ???

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