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Just A Car

Ah, diese Kiste liebe ich über alles, ein echtes Referenzauto... Cinema, Pulp, Bubblegum, alle wurden beeinflusst

One of 1,363 factory E-Codes built
1957 Ford Thunderbird
Chassis no. E7FH139732
Although appearing later than Chevrolet's sporty Corvette, Ford's "personal luxury" Thunderbird became far more popular, selling more than 16,000 cars in its first year. First shown at the Detroit Auto Show in February 1954, it entered production that September. Its sleek two-seater body displayed many contemporary Ford design cues, and available power trains came from the regular Ford catalog. All cars had the 292 cubic inch "Y-Block" V8, while transmission choices included standard three-speed manual, manual-with-overdrive, or the popular self-shifting Ford-O-Matic. Customers could order a folding soft top, removable fiberglass hard top, or both.

For 1956, the Thunderbird was given a few subtle changes. The spare tire, which had intruded on luggage space, was relocated to a "Continental" mounting on the rear bumper. Wind wings were added to the trailing edge of the windshield, cowl vents to the front fenders, and the hard top gained porthole windows in the rear quarters. An optional 312 cubic inch Thunderbird Special engine made 225bhp with Ford-O-Matic.

More extensive changes were made for 1957, comprising a new grille, dashboard and subtly sculpted fins on the rear fenders. While the standard engine was still the 292, there were four versions of the 312, with power ratings up to 300bhp. Most potent was the "F-Code" unit, which used a single four-barrel carburetor force-fed by a McCulloch supercharger. Not far behind was the "E-Code" normally-aspirated engine, developing 270bhp with twin four-barrels, 285 with an optional special cam.

Although the supercharged "F-Code" Thunderbird is the rarest and most powerful model, the twin-four-barrel E-Code is considered by many to be the better driver's car. Less temperamental and easier to drive, it offers turn-key convenience with faithful reliability. Of the 21,380 Thunderbirds produced in 1957, only 1,363 had the box ticked for the E-Code option.

This E-Bird rolled off Ford's Dearborn, Michigan production line on November 9th, 1957 in its current color scheme of Inca Gold with White interior and a Tan top. The original owner, a gentleman from southern Illinois, was not stingy when selecting the options when he ordered the car, including both tops, the Ford-O-Matic transmission, Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels, a heater, optional radio, fender skirts, back-up lights, wide white walls, and he specifically requested the Dual-Quad E-Code package.

The T-Bird's first caretaker kept the car for 35-40 years before it was sold by his widow at auction. It eventually made its way a parishioner of the St Cecilia Parish outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, who donated the car to his church. St Cecilia offered the car (or the cash equivalent) in a raffle shortly after the donation, into which the vendor had entered through the purchase of a $100 ticket. Unfortunately, he was not the winner...but the raffle winner chose to take the cash equivalent, leaving the church to raffle the car at a later date.

During Christmas last year, the car was once again offered through a raffle to benefit St Cecilia, and the vendor again purchased a $100 ticket. On Christmas Day, Father Mario of St Cecilia rang to let the vendor know that St Nick was indeed pleased with his behavior over the course of the year as he had just won the car! Persistence had seemingly paid off, and the vendor, who says he's never won much of anything before, has certainly made up for his previous decades of lost raffles!

Presented in restored condition, the writer enjoyed test driving the car on a recent photo shoot. Certainly turning the heads of passersby, it was quite fleet of foot, demonstrating the added get-up-and-go from the factory improved engine setup.

Alas, as the owner of another 1957 Thunderbird, that one a D-Code car, that he has owned for 35 years, he felt it was only appropriate to let another lucky soul enjoy his E-Code. While the purchase price here will certainly be more than the vendor's $200 investment, it is obviously a lucky car, and certainly more useful than a rabbit's foot!

Estimate: US$60,000 - 80,000 .


Hier hats noch einen tollen im Auto- und Technikmuseum Sinsheim / Speyer:

Ford Thunderbird Convertible:

Ford Thunderbird Convertible
Diese Komplett-Restaurierung eines gediegenen, rostfreien, kalifornischen Autos wurde 1994 von dem besten Restaurator für Thunderbirds in den USA fertiggestellt.
Von 2.134 gebauten Cabrios existieren heute nur noch 62 Stück. Dieses perfekte und show-beste Fahrzeug übertrifft bei Wettbewerben in USA alle anderen Thunderbirds. Es war eines der Fahrzeuge, das lange Zeit in der TV-Hollywood- Serie "77 Sunset Strip" zu sehen war.
Obwohl das Fahrzeug 1954 ursprünglich als Sportwagen konzipiert war, um mit der Corvette zu konkurrieren, wurde 1958 der luxuriösere Personenwagen weitverbreitet von statusbewußten, zahlungskräftigen Personen gekauft. Von besonderem Interesse ist das Cabrio-Dach, das auf Knopfdruck automatisch im Kofferraum des Fahrzeuges verschwindet, ohne zusätzliche manuelle Hilfe !!
Erst 32 Jahre später - im Jahre 1990 hat Mercedes Benz mit dem Mercedes SL diese Raffinesse wiederholt.
Technische Daten:
  • Baujahr: 1958
  • Motor: V8-Zyl.
  • Leistung: 300 PS
  • Hubraum: 3520 ccm
Ford Thunderbird Convertible

hier der Link dazu, möchte aber das schöne Bild hier zeigen... lovely car!


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