Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Just A Box

This striking box is an Art Deco jewel itself. Art Deco designers could celebrate the machine age and favor related themes like the city, the automobile, electricity and other modern issues or could go Historicist and search for inspiration in ancient times, in civilizations whose art would fit the geometric and stylized lines they also favored. In this piece we can see a few easily recognizable sources: the lion, the palm trees and the horse's head were taken quite literally from Assyrian reliefs, while the horse's body resemble the ones in the Parthenon's marbles. The warrior is definitely not Assyrian, but freely Greek. This box was made in England by Birkbys under the brand Elo Ware in black and white compression molded Plaskon (urea formaldehyde) plastic. It can be found with a hinged lid.
It is about 17cm wide.

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