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office planner boomerang desk

'boomerang' desk

designed by french artist maurice calka, the boomerang desk has been first released
at the end of the 1960s. the original moulded fiberglass desk has been produced in
a limited edition of 35 pieces, initially manufactured by leleu-deshays. french president
georges pompidou (1911-1974) was the owner of a white version in the elysée palace.

in respect of his father's work, serge calka has now allowed a re-edition of the original desk,
manufactured by singaporean furniture company office planner. this iconic desk has been first
introduced to the international market at the international furniture fair in singapore 2010 IFFS.
each piece is individually marked and identified, produced on demand by a team of fiberglass sculptors.

2010 re-edition of the 'boomerang' desk
image © designboom

image © designboom

image © designboom

image © designboom

white version of former french president georges pompidou

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