Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Полное дыхание

The other day I saw a sad film, directed by Valeri Pendrakovsky with the title Полное дыхание (A full Breath, 2007), and I saw it in Russian language, with no subtitles. I don't speak Russian, but I thought I will understand the story, which was the case.

It depicts a holiday couple traveling by car from Moscow to a fisherman's village near Kerch, in the Crimea. That village once had a thriving fish market, but now was in decline. The inhabitants lived a modest life.

Irina, a business owner in Moscow, must be some 10 years older than her lover Kostya, and they visited the village because of his childhood memories. Once he was friends with a ca 10 years younger girl named Katya, who not only had not forgotten him, but hoped he would return one day.

As Kostya and Katya meet again, Irina, knowing the nature of her boyfriend, decided not to disturb him - let them live a moment of the past. She hoped everything would return to normal once they left for Moscow... But she did not take into account that people from the fishing village think and feel differently.

The end is sad. Katya and Irina struggle for the love of Kostya. Is Kostya just naively enjoying the fact that two women love him? How is his conscience? I cannot judge the dialogs, as said, don't understand Russky. But you do not need to understand Russian for the film.

The moral can be found in the last few scenes, where we see Katya's aunt wanting to get rid of the past, but due to some comic accident, decides differently. The parting images show that life must go on, will go on...

Overall, the acting was good, very natural. To me, Katya and Stepan were very convincing, not lowering other actors. Besides the tragic there was some humor, the vodka-addicted policeman, and the "swimmer". If you have a chance to see this film, please don't hesitate. Nobody with experience how love can guide will find this film dull.

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